FAQ’s           Frequently Asked Questions



In a continuing effort to assist our customers and make it easier for you to purchase and

build your projects, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from customers.


Section I – Orders, Shipping. Payment Options


Section II – Customer Service


Section III – Technical Questions (In Process of being built)








Q. -  What options do I have for placing an order?


A. – An order can be placed by:  Phone, Fax, Mail, E-Mail or directly through the Website.


Q. – Do you accept credit cards?


A. – Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard.


Q. – How are Shipping Charges calculated?


A. – The shipping index is listed at the bottom of the Order Form.  We keep shipping charges as

        low as possible.  Please keep in mind that if you are outside the Continental U.S., shipping

        will vary due to multiple reasons.  You can read more about shipping charges in our Terms of Sale.


Q. – What Payment options are available to me?


A. – We accept the following Payment Options:

        Checks – Personal or Business (drawn on US Bank)

        Money Orders




        Paypal – Please use LHDockyard@aol.com for payment using this method.

        Bank Transfer – Please contact us to use this option.

        For additional information, please see Terms of Sale.


Q. – Does your shopping cart accommodate all countries outside the U.S.?


A. – Yes, all countries can purchase from the shopping cart.






Q. – Can I call to ask questions about a product before purchasing?


A. – Yes – we are happy to answer any and all customer questions before, during and

        after a sale.


Q. – What is the best way to contact you with a question?


A. – You can call us seven (7) days per week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm E.S.T.  (if you get the

        voice mail, we are probably on the phone with another customer, leave a message and we

        will call back.)  585-494-0027

        You can also E-Mail Us – we check and answer our E-Mails several times daily.


Q.When I inquire by E-Mail, how long until I get an answer?


A. -  We generally answer E-Mail several times daily.  If you are inquiring about a technical issue or finding

       a specific product not listed, please give us 24 hours.  Additionally, if you inquire by E-Mail, receive

       an answer, and then neglect to get back to us for several weeks, it is necessary to paste the previous

       information so that we can refresh ourselves as to your original questions.  We answer hundreds of

       E-Mails every week, and simply writing us to say, yes get me that, or, yes, get me more information,

       is not going to solicit response as we simply do not have the time to go back and research through

       E-Mails to figure out who you are and what you are talking about.  Please refresh our memories in

       order to insure a quick response.


Q. – How long does it take to receive an order?


A. – Generally, orders are shipped in a week to ten days.  Some immediately depending on the order.

       However, a lot of our Product(s) are made to order or coming from overseas, so please keep this in

       mind when planning your project so that you have your item(s) in plenty of time.  We inspect all

       product(s) coming from manufacturers to insure that they are in proper order and we re-package

       to ship to customers.  We have not had any broken part(s) in five (5) years due to this.


Q. – Who do I contact for questions about the website?


A. – Please contact Renee@loyalhannadockyard.com for all website related questions.


Q. – Who do I contact with Technical Questions about a model or project?


A. – Please contact Don@loyalhannadockyard.com with all technical questions. 

       You can also use:  LHDockyard@aol.com to contact Don.